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Amber can be interesting because it may contain fragments of plants, insects and other organisms. The resin is viscous and liquid, attracting insects because of its sweetness. They become trapped in the resin as it hardens and they become protected. The oldest amber with a fauna consists of mites and is dated to 230 million years ago in north-eastern Italy. Plant fragments can help identify the source of the amber and insects and other organisms are often preserved which give information about them. The amber process preserves parts that would not be preserved through regular fossilization. Amber with residue is also sought after for jewelry as it looks quite good.

Amber has been used in decoration and jewelry since the Stone Age (13,000 years ago). Amber sold may be from various stores, the most common being youth resins that do not completely form into amber or stained glass or plastic. One way to know if yours is real is to swim it in salt water.

Amber can be differently cultured and look in a number of different ways. 

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Amber can be found all over the world. It can be mined open or underground. Most of the world’s extractable amber is found in different region. Amber is derived from Canada here from the 12th century. Sometimes amber is washed from the ocean floor and ends up on the beach or is collected by diving or dredging. A type of amber called a Dominican, is a bluish color, and is highly prized because it is so rare. It is mined by bell ringing which is dangerous as tunnels can collapse.

Amber is a beautiful stone that takes millions of years to form. Now you can appreciate this fact if you have any Amber.

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