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Amber is most popular, hardened fossilized resin of the species of pine called Pinus Succinifera. These trees grew in forests around 45 million years ago, in the Europe known to us as the Baltic region today!

The Germans called it ‘Baltic amber’ by the name of ‘Bernstein’, due to amber emits a sweet smell if burnt. The Greeks called ‘Elektron’ because of static electricity when rubbed. Amber is known as ‘Kerba’ in the many local markets in Asia.

How Amber helps you!

  1. Amber helps to remove blockages in the flow of energy throughout the body and also works as an aid to strengthening the body.
  2. Amber has traditionally been used to bring protection, strength, love, luck and healing to the wearer.
  3. Amber is an excellent healing stone as it takes negative energy and transforms it into positive energy.
  4. Amber also helps to calm stressed nerves and to bring about humour and joy as well as acting as a guard against impotency and as an aid to fertility.
  5. Amber opens the crown and solar plexus chakras, thereby helping to increase intellect and confidence.

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More About Taaaf Boutique

We welcomes you at, Taaaf Boutique is the global marketplace for unique and real amber gemstone products. It’s home to a 100% real of special, extraordinary amber gems, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures. We are located and based in British Columbia, Canada able to ship worldwide.

Taaaf Boutique’s beads collection have always been more than just faith & trust than a pieces of jewelry. Anyone passionate about ancient real beads will appreciate us. For thousands of years Amber beads have been crafted, traded, passed on, lost or even buried with time. A bead can tell itself his own historical details & many facets of ancient civilizations. We only deals in wonderful amber items.

Amber Bead lovers, contact us to get real pieces & deserve affection. Whether you are seeking a handcrafted object of beauty from antiquity.

It’s so easy to get amber beads online, you must always contact a trusted seller. Let’s check out some tips that will keep you from buying fake Amber Jewelry.

  • Amber gemstone is mainly found in the Baltic Sea region. other regions where amber is found include Myanmar (Burma), Dominican Republic, Germany, Romania, Sicily, North America, Russia and Malaysia.
  • Baltic amber jewelry is very highly prized. Baltic amber jewelry like necklaces, pendants made out of amber beads fetch a good price in the market.
  • For any online purchase, you should verify the credibility of the merchant.
  • Safe payment method of payment such as PayPal, any Payment Service Provider.

Taaaf Boutique’s some of the popular jewelry is listed in shop and available for you– especially if it is a carved amber ring. Amber pray beads and amber mala are also very popular. You may visit open markets where wholesale Baltic amber jewelry is traded and sold worldwide. Amber jewelry is usually made using silver, rather than gold because silver gives stone a very unique look. We design some small to large stones & fashioned into silver pendants and sold all over the world. The Taaaf Boutique’s store is full of various kinds of  jewelry items such as amber earrings, amber pendants, amber bracelets, amber bead necklaces, and even amber beads. We repair old amber tasbis as long as beads are available.


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