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Dominican Blue Amber 10.2X7.6mm 15grms

  • Rare Dominican Blue Amber
  • Found mainly in the Dominican Republic, with some production from Indonesia and Mexico.
  • This variety comes from the resin of the extinct tree species Hymenaea Protera.
  • The blue color is confined exclusively to the surface because it does not result from pigmentation, in which case the color would be reflected in any light.
  • The blue is due to a fluorescence phenomenon which refract the blue light.
  • Superb quality collection—ancient Dominican Blue Amber beads.
  • Certified Dominican real amber products, 100% pure amber.
  • Carefully handpicked, completely natural and handcrafted.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

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Dominican Blue Amber 10.2X7.6mm 15grms

A one of a kind batch of genuine Dominican blue amber beads from the mountains of Santiago in the Dominican Republic. Handcrafted from the raw gem materials and selected to create these stunning mirror polished beads.


Gemstone  Blue Dominican Amber Tasbi
 Treatment  Unheated and Untreated
 Cut  Cabochon
 Certification  Yes
 Quality  Premium
 Shape  Oval
 Composition  Natural
 Return Policy  10 Days
Colour  Yellow
 Size  10.2X7.6mm
 Weight  15 grms

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