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Baltic Amber with inclusions 10X12mm 27grms – Real Genuine Smooth Round Beads,

  • Superb quality collection—real red Baltic amber beads.
  • All our beads are very rare faceted beads in this collection.
  • Amber is one of the most strong, natural bead that can rid us of most of our common conditions such as arthritis, anxiety & chronic illness.
  • Superior quality!
  • Certified real amber products, 100% pure amber.
  • Carefully handpicked, completely natural and handcrafted.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

Note: We confidently stand behind our products and guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

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Baltic Amber with inclusions 10X12mm 27grms

Gemstone  Baltic Amber
 Treatment  Unheated and Untreated
 Cut  Cabochon
 Certification  Yes
 Quality  Premium
 Shape  Oval
 Composition  Natural
 Return Policy  10 Days
Size  10×12 mm
Weight  27 gms

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